15 IT Bloggers You Should be Following in 2015

15 IT Bloggers You Should be Following in 2015

Blogging has become so accessible and easy that there are millions of blogs available on the Internet today. Within the fast moving world of technology, there’s always something to be blogging about, which means that many of these blogs are perfect for keeping up to date with the technological sphere. To help you separate the best from the rest, here’s a list of our top 15 IT bloggers you should be following this year.

Thomas Ricker | The Verge

1Thomas wrote for the hugely popular Engadget blog, until June of 2011. Having written his 1,362,258th word for Engadget, he left to help launch The Verge. With his humorous style and love of all ‘things’, Thomas makes reading about technology fun and informative.

Dustin Curtis | dcurt.is

2Dustin’s blog is simple and to the point. His views are well documented and worth a read for the personal insight into the tech industry and news.

Om Malik | GigaOM

3GigaOM is a highly visited blog amongst tech enthusiasts. Om Malik has had an illustrious career but is most famous for his tech blog. His status as an authoritative blogger means that his blog posts can be extremely influential.

Robert Scoble | Scobleizer

4There are few names that are as recognised in the tech blogging space as Robert Scoble. He transferred his popular blog Scobleizer over to social media after commenting that the platform is the future of content. His Facebook and Twitter accounts are full of information worth reading.

Tiernan Ray | Tech Trader Daily

5Tiernan has a business focus overall, but his Tech Trader Daily Blog provides unparalleled insights into the technology sector, with the latest tech news as well as investment information. It’s this combination between business and tech that makes him most popular amongst some of the heavyweight technology investors.

John Gruber | Daring Fireball

6For all the Apple enthusiasts out there, John Gruber’s blog, Daring Fireball, has become a niche authority. While not limited to Apple, John’s views are well worth reading for his personal insights.

David Pogue | Yahoo Tech

7After spending 13 years writing about technology for the New York Times, David Pogue set up a tech blog at Yahoo. An impressive and respected industry leader, David’s blogs are always full of the latest tech information and insights.

Mike Masnick | Techdirt

8Mike Masnick started Techdirt in 1997 and it has since become an extremely widely read online publication. The blog has received numerous awards from publications such as BusinessWeek and Forbes.

Kevin Fogarty | Next Tech

9A tech blogging pioneer, Kevin Fogarty’s views provide immense insights into all things technology, whether enterprise computing or predictions for the future. His Next Tech blog for Computerworld is frequented by IT professionals everywhere.

Henry Blodget | Business Insider

10Once voted the top internet analyst on Wall St, Henry Blodget is famous for predicting Amazon’s stock price would reach $400. He is now co-founder and chief executive of Business Insider, a hugely popular blog about internet business.

Marshall Kirkpatrick | ReadWriteWeb

11With a successful content career in his past, Marshall Kirkpatrick is the lead writer at ReadWriteWeb. This is one of the top 20 tech blogs in the world, which just goes to show the level of influence that Marshall has.

Patrick Rhone | Minimal Mac

12Patrick is a technology consultant who writes about the idea of minimalist practices in the area of technology. His blog, Minimal Mac, has information on how to set your computer and other devices up with the menu items, apps, system and tools you need. In a world where technology only seems to be increasing, this one is a nice reminder to limit it to what is actually useful.

Danny Sullivan | Search Engine Land

13As an expert on search engine optimisation, Danny Sullivan’s blog Search Engine Land has become the go-to source of news for search professionals all over the world. Offering a combination of education and editorial items, Danny is one of the most famous and respected experts in his field.

Larry Dignan | ZDNet

14A former reporter for the New York Times, Larry Dignan has the bio and skillset to provide influence. Currently editor of ZDnet, he has expanded the blog to include a range of other topics, making it a great place for tech news as well as other relevant key issues.

Michael Arrington | TechCrunch

15No tech blog list would be complete without this one. The massively influential blog TechCrunch is effectively the standard source of all information when it comes to the technology sector. Michael Arrington is considered one of the most influential people on the internet, and his success with TechCrunch is testament to that. He is regularly sought out for his expertise and predictions regarding all things technology.

As technology continues to be a focal point in the global economy, and the number of blogs continues to grow every hour, let this list of tech blogs keep you well informed in 2015.