Top Tools For Cloud Management

Top Tools For Cloud Management

Cloud-based computing is one of the hottest areas in personal and enterprise technology at the moment. With the exponential growth of this sector, there have been a multitude of tools developed to help enterprises ‘manage the cloud’, and 2015 is likely to see many more of these tools pop up.

These tools do anything from monitoring to provisioning and it can be hard to decipher the best from the rest.

The fundamentals behind cloud management require the ability to provide information about the system, monitor performance and provide the necessary alerts so that action can be taken if necessary. Here are some applications that can effectively help you to manage your cloud software, through monitoring, analysis, troubleshooting, and security tools.


ServiceNow is a cloud based application that provides users with an easy and approachable way to chat with IT support. It uses an interface that is more akin to a social network than a help portal, making it easier for users to open chat sessions or raise support tickets.


ManageEngine provides monitoring services for the cloud as well as a self serve portal. They offer various plans based on functionality required and technicians on the road can benefit from a fully functional mobile app.


NewRelic provides a useful way to gain insight into the metrics behind the user experience. It also provides detailed application monitoring and server monitoring, so you can keep track of the performance of all aspects of your software.

Rackspace Monitoring

Some might think that this is only used to monitor Rackspace products but you can actually monitor other third party cloud based products using their solution.


Splunkstorm is particularly useful for IT staff that need to analyse and troubleshoot any issues that arise relating to the performance of cloud based applications.


AppNeta provides visibility into a network’s performance and traffic in applications. Think of it as a traffic manager for your network.


Boundary is a useful service that can monitor all types of network infrastructure, no matter what technology or programming language. It has built-in behavioural alerts and is able to identify anomalies. A positive for many network administrators is the fact that it links in to Amazon Web Services and can provide advance warnings about outages.


Loggly is simple in its premise but very useful. It collates network logs and stores them centrally to make it easier to search and troubleshoot if necessary. A useful tool for monitoring a cloud based ecosystem.


Monitis aims to be a complete, all-in-one solution for cloud management. It allows you to manage the cloud from a customer perspective but also introduces security and storage functionality which often need to be implemented elsewhere (until now).

These are just some of the best tools available to help you ensure that your cloud services continue to run smoothly. Of course, the best solution for your business will depend on the size of the virtual network, the level of monitoring required and the budget that you may have to work with.