Would You Wear It? Our Top 5 Wearable Tech Innovations

Would You Wear It? Our Top 5 Wearable Tech Innovations

shutterstock_170116643At one point in time, wearable technology seemed like a passing fad. However, with the increase in processing power and resultant innovation, wearable technology is here to stay. There are some products that are really pushing the boundaries and many of the latest wearable technology products are legitimately useful. Here are a few of the coolest wearable tech innovations around.


Pebble and Samsung have popularised the fashionable and functional smartwatch, but other players such as Sony and Motorola have also come to the party. In more recent news, Apple has announced the Apple Watch and this has created an unprecedented buzz due to its sheer amount of options for apps via the AppStore. This watch should tie in nicely with the Apple ecosystem and is sure to bring the smartwatch from the early adopter technology enthusiast market into the mainstream consumer market. In fact, commentators suggest that traditional watchmakers should be worried too.

Activity trackers

shutterstock_200938802There are plenty of activity tracking wristbands on the market, from companies such as Jawbone releasing their UP to Fitbit with their Flex, and even Nike is involved with their FuelBand. These wearable wristbands have inspired a whole new generation of people to get active and this in itself is obviously a great thing, considering technology is often being blamed for a lack of activity.

Taking things even further, the Basis Band has to be one of the latest and greatest activity trackers as it incorporates the form and functions of a smartwatch with a built in activity tracker. To make it a true standout proposition in the smartwatch market, it even has the added benefit of a heart rate monitor.


Rings have long been a fashion staple for both men and women alike. With the advent of wearable technology, rings have started to gain additional functions and purpose beyond jewellery. From hand based gesture control such as the aptly named Ring, to the Sesame Ring, which allows you to replace your travel cards, the humble ring is becoming a real technological device with potential to make daily tasks easier.

Other Bluetooth enabled rings include vibration and LED notifications to alert the wearer to incoming emails, messages and phone calls. NFC rings are also allowing users to unlock doors and make payments simply through touch.


We’d never have guessed that t-shirts would one day be used for more than covering up, but companies such as Radiate Athletics are developing products that react to your body movements during a workout. Colour changes can highlight which muscles are being worked out and to what intensity so you can literally keep an eye on the progress of your workout.


The Dash Headphones are wireless in ear headphones which free music lovers of those tangle prone cables. In addition to this, they can also measure your heart rate, body temperature, steps and calories. The great thing about this product is it is relatively inconspicuous, appearing to simply be a wireless earbud, so your gym workouts can continue as per normal.

As technology improves and innovation continues to facilitate creativity, we are sure to see plenty more wearable products come to market. Some may appear to be focused on a novelty factor, but many will serve a true purpose.

Things such as virtual reality will likely be next and even medical-based wearable products are already in development. Google for example, has a glucose detecting contact lens, and other products are currently being developed for diabetics and the treatment and monitoring of conditions such as epilepsy.

There is no doubt that the wearable technology sector is here to stay and we look forward to seeing what’s next.