Cloud computing is a revolutionary new trend that is transforming the way IT services are delivered. It has now become an integral service that has evolved over the years to a point where it is in such demand that it can now be delivered as a utility.

Virtuelle Cloud services provide the benefits of IT being delivered as a utility and offer high levels of IT performance, availability, security and scalability not normally economically possible for most small to mid-sized organisations.

Features & Benefits

  • No capital investment
  • Flexible cost models
  • Services delivered from local secure Class A datacentre facilities
  • Access to the latest Enterprise technologies
  • Reduced operational overhead

Services Offered


icon-end-user-devices Private Cloud

Improve the efficiency and agility of your datacentre while enhancing security and control with a private cloud solution from Virtuelle Group.

Virtuelle Private Clouds help organisations to freely manage their IT environments with the confidence of knowing their environment is safe, secure and under their control. Benefits of this service can include virtual and physical servers. This ensures that businesses gain the benefits of a secure, scalable, and self-serve pay-as-you-go datacentre.

The added benefit of Virtuelle private cloud solution is data integrity and preservation as private clouds can be deployed in a non-hosted configuration and within an organisations own data centre.

icon-end-user-devices Hybrid Cloud

Virtuelle Hybrid cloud service allows businesses to quickly and seamlessly extend their datacentre into the cloud while meeting data privacy and compliance demands.

Get the same level of security, reliability and performance that you get from your current infrastructure. Critical applications can deliver the performance you need. You can allocate and provision resources where you need them, and you can leverage your existing IT policies to meet security, compliance and control requirements without the capital investment.

Virtuelle delivers the security, reliability and performance you need from a hybrid cloud platform while minimising risk and reducing your total cost of ownership.

icon-end-user-devices Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Virtuelle Infrastructure as service (IaaS) delivers cloud based infrastructure in the form of servers, storage and networking to customers utilising a pay-as-you-go model.

Our standardised and highly automated offering allows customers to self-provision infrastructure on demand while minimising cost and increasing scalability.

icon-end-user-devices Software as a service (SaaS)

Virtuelle Application Marketplace is a directory of SaaS applications designed to support your business growth. Our SaaS solutions are delivered on demand for ERP, CRM, Office productivity and IT management and other key business areas.

icon-cloud-security Cloud Security

Ensuring control over your business critical information is important when using cloud services and this is where Virtuelle’s experience in providing the best in cloud security is paramount to the success of your cloud implementation.

Using a broad range of security controls ranging from deterrents like warnings signs, preventative controls such as multi factor authentication and monitoring solutions, Virtuelle will have your data protected from the moment you hit the cloud.

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