Desktop Virtualisation

Desktop Virtualisation

Allow Virtuelle Group to transform your workforce productivity by delivering Windows desktops as secure mobile services. By partnering with Citrix our XenDesktop solution can mobilise your business, while reducing costs by centralising control and security for intellectual property.

Incorporating the full power of XenDesktop Virtuelle can deliver full desktops to any device. HDX technologies enable Virtuelle Group to deliver a native touch-enabled look-and-feel that is optimized for the type of device, as well as the network.

Our solution enables you to leverage the elasticity of hybrid clouds and the security of mobile device management.

Benefits and Features

        • Reduce deployment costs by as much as 30% with flexible delivery options that allow IT to optimise desktop cost, performance and security for any use case
        • Eliminate image management sprawl and simplify operations by separating and layering personalisation and data
        • Be prepared for anything with a flexible platform that can meet any use case without investing in new tools or teams
        • Reduce your power footprint through the adoption of system-on-a-chip (SoC) thin clients
        • Improve success rate of desktop image updatesto nearly 100% through centralized management and on-demand delivery of standard images – 20% better than industry average when using traditional image management tools
        • Eliminate capex for seasonal workloads and unexpected demand for capacity by deploying in the cloud, while leveraging the same management framework and skill sets
        • Resolve end user issues  on the first call and decrease help desk escalations through simple, built-in performance management and troubleshooting tools that pinpoint issues

Repurpose your PC refresh budget to deliver desktop virtualisation.

Now more than ever, tightening of corporate budgets is forcing IT to weigh the value of business-critical projects against the cost of routine operational activities such as the annual PC refresh process.

The traditional approach of replacing an aging PC with a new physical device every three years is expensive and time-consuming, and calls for rethinking this strategy. Repurposing an aging PC as a locked-down thin client or simply replacing it with a new, low-cost thin-client device are proven approaches for reducing expenses and streamlining desktop management. When the cost and operational benefits of thin-client computing are paired with innovative desktop virtualization technology, organizations can deliver a desktop solution that modernizes the workforce and enhances user productivity.

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