Workforce Mobility

Workforce Mobility

Work with people, data, and apps from the latest devices 

Business constantly takes executives across town or around the globe, often at a moment’s notice. Even on personal time, executives must be ready to respond quickly when business calls. This kind of mobility isn’t an aspiration for the executive of the future. It’s a requirement for doing business today.

The challenges: connectivity, flexibility and security

  • How can executives stay connected and respond effectively to urgent needs while at home or traveling?
  • How can they be given the flexibility to work with whatever device that best suits their need, with fast, effective IT support even on their own consumer-grade devices?
  • How can executives access the most confidential business information anywhere, on any device, from any network while IT controls risk and ensures information governance and compliance?

The solution: enable true mobile productivity

As a leader in mobile workstyle solutions, flexible ways of working, Citrix empowers executives to work, meet and collaborate anywhere inside or outside the organization, on any of the latest devices, as easily as they would in their own office—simply and securely. Organizations are able to:

  • Empower executives to work anywhere using their own personal devices
  • Increase executive productivity by providing enterprise application access from mobile devices
  • Enable easy, secure file sharing for executives without introducing unnecessary risk to their organization
  • Improve collaboration for executives who are constantly on the move by providing online meetings with high-definition audio and video conferencing

Citrix executive mobility solutions, featuring the latest devices, smooth roaming, follow-me data, high-definition video conferencing and secure-by-design technology, enable executives to work with people, data and apps from the latest devices over any network.

“Top 10 reasons to embrace workshifting

Freeing your workforce and your business – without losing control

Computing should make things possible—not impose constraints. Organisations should have the flexibility to place personnel wherever they’re needed, whenever the need arises, and not be bound by rigid IT infrastructures. Information and IT resources should flow easily to the workers and locations that can get them done most efficiently, rather than being locked in place due to concerns about security and manageability. People should be free to choose the ideal place and time and device to get their work done most effectively, instead of being forced to come to a specific location on a set schedule. Possibilities like these are the essence of workshifting—and they’re changing the way today’s organisations do business.

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