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Cyber Security

If there’s one thing that keeps CIOs and IT directors restless and on their toes, it’s concerns about IT security. Whether it’s responding to a sophisticated cyber attack, mitigating against future threats or managing day-to-day risk, maintaining robust IT security is no walk in the park – even for the world’s biggest businesses.

What’s more, keeping threats at bay isn’t as simple as building a Fort Knox around your systems and infrastructure. Because while IT needs to be protected, it also needs to support critical business functions. At Virtuelle Group, we have extensive experience helping our clients to strike a balance between security and usability.

Our know-how and practical advice can assist you with:

  • Protecting your key information assets
  • Getting on top of policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Identifying the gaps in your environment
  • Educating your teams and tightening your controls
  • Long-term cyber-security maturation programs
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Security Consulting

Whether you need support to develop a sound security strategy, identify how to best respond to threats or ensure that security protocols meet audit and compliance requirements, Virtuelle Group’s security consultants are ready to help. We provide trusted expertise and guidance to ensure that your approach to security is effective, practical and delivers value – no matter how fast the IT security landscape changes.

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Managed SOC

When you outsource your security operations to Virtuelle Group, you can realise the full benefits of a managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) without investing the time or resources required to build and maintain one. Delivering advanced threat detection, incident response, and compliance management—all in one unified solution. Virtuelle provides all of the essential SOC capabilities needed for complete security visibility across your cloud and on-premises environments.We utilise a Unified platform to demonstrate and maintain compliance, working with third-party auditors to regularly test our systems, controls, and processes.

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Security Awareness Training

Cybercriminals increasingly rely on uninformed employees to grant them access to sensitive data and systems. The less aware your employees are of common cybercrime tactics, the more at risk your data is. Virtuelle will work with you to conduct an assessment and develop a training program that incorporates a broad range of necessary security topics and will include in-person training, phishing based training as well as regular testing and measurement of end user compliance.

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Security Essentials

Trust us to keep your network safe with proven solutions for the five security essentials.

  • Asset Discovery – know who and what is connected to your environment at  all times.
  • Vulnerability Assessment – find & remediate your vulnerabilities before an exploit/intrusion.
  • Intrusion Detection- be alerted to suspicious activities that may indicate an intrusion.
  • Behavioral Monitoring- identify anomalous or suspicious behaviors in your environment.
  • SIEM & Log Management- correlate and analyze event data from across your environment.
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Email Security

If your organisation has ever fallen victim to trojans, phishing attacks or malware, it’s highly likely that email is to blame. In 2017, for example, one in 131 emails contained malware. However, by taking the right security precautions, the risk of an attack can be significantly reduced. Our email security solutions focus on detecting and quarantining malicious emails, conducting multiple levels of filtering, securing confidential emails through encryption and protecting against new sophisticated attacks in realtime.

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Web Security

Browsing the internet at work can make employees more productive, but it also comes with inherent dangers. These include the risk of opening malicious websites, clicking on harmful links and accessing inappropriate content. With new threats emerging every day, there’s no such thing as set and forget web security. Our solutions are designed to be the next best thing. We’ll help you prevent access to malicious content, without imposing on your workforce.