“Virtuelle Group is a leading provider of high-quality IT services & solutions for businesses throughout the  Asia Pacific region. “

With over a decade of experience Virtuelle Group has maintained a track record for providing a range of quality IT and communications solutions to businesses throughout the APAC region.

Virtuelle Group is dedicated to every customer’s success delivering innovation that matters for our company and all industries with a key value of trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.

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Henkel Australia & New Zealand

“Virtuelle was a clear winner from a strong field not simply because of its proven capabilities, track record and reputation, but because they displayed a willingness to be flexible and accommodate our unique needs and expectations. Virtuelle also offered many value-added services which others didn’t or if they did, charged excessively for those services. Virtuelle very quickly got to understand our needs and wants and went out of their way to develop a solution for each and every checkpoint on our wish-list.”

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What are Meltdown and Spectre? Here’s what you need to know


As you would no doubt of read over the past few days, a newly discovered form of security threat that involves attackers exploiting common features of modern microprocessors (aka chips) that power our computers, tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets. These attacks, known as “Meltdown” and “Spectre”, are getting a lot of attention. People are (rightly) concerned, and it’s of course very important to apply all of the necessary software updates that have been carefully produced and made available. Technology leaders, including Microsoft and Apple, are working together to address these exploits and minimize the risk of potential attacks.

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