Managed IT Services

For more than a decade Virtuelle Group has successfully delivered IT outsourcing services to businesses across the Asia Pacific region. Building on a background of consulting and system integration experience, Virtuelle Group is focused on delivering high quality and value-based IT outsourcing services.

Our Managed Services are designed to simplify the management of your IT, reduce costs and minimise risks while taking advantage of our expertise and best practices and gaining access to the latest technologies.

Services Offered


icon-end-user-devices Managed Servers

Virtuelle Managed server services offer businesses a simple, efficient and cost-effective way to proactively manage server infrastructure and delegate time-consuming and complex IT activities to professionals equipped to manage them, while allowing your internal resources to refocus on strategic initiatives. Our services extend to a broad spectrum of technologies including Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Linux and IBM server platforms.

icon-end-user-devices Managed Networks

Your network infrastructure is a critical component of your IT and business operations. It takes dedicated resources and infrastructure to properly manage and monitor it.

Supported by our Service Level Guarantee (SLG), Virtuelle Managed network services range from simple monitoring and reporting to complete outsourcing of your corporate network. Our services are flexible and comprehensive extending to all aspects of a local and wide area network including WAN optimisation, firewall, IDS, IPS, load balancing, ICF and Wireless infrastructure.

icon-end-user-devices Data Centre Services

Develop a data centre strategy that optimises availability, scalability, and recoverability, while minimising risk and operational costs.

Virtuelle Datacentre facilities provide best-in-class performance and are a reliable and secure network choice. Our datacentre services operate with carrier-neutral providers delivering customised enterprise solutions.

icon-end-user-devices Data Protection

Providing complete data protection without the added complexity.

Virtuelle data protection solutions assist in preventing data loss while enabling secure data access to support business operations. Making efficient use of the most reliable and cost-effective technologies we are able to fulfil all business security, backup and recovery time objectives.

If you don’t know what parts of your business are vulnerable or what data you have that needs to be protected, you can’t properly secure it. It is critical that you work with a professional like Virtuelle to audit your entire IT infrastructure computers, network, and mobile devices to determine what you need to do to prevent hackers from accessing your data.

icon-end-user-devices End User Devices

With the growing number of end user device technologies and BYOD across the enterprise, the deployment, management and support of end user devices is becoming a complex and challenging task.

Virtuelle Managed Device Services is an integrated and comprehensive suite of deployment, management and support services covering a broad range of end user technology platforms including desktop, laptop, tablets, smartphones and BYOD model devices.

Let us help you manage your IT.

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