Penetration testing
and vulnerability assessments

Uncover vulnerabilities and confidently secure your organisation

Pressure test your applications and network

In the fight to stay a step ahead of cyber threats, your organisation needs total assurance that vulnerabilities are identified and remediated by a certified team.

At Virtuelle, we have extensive penetration testing experience and are fully accredited across all major IT security standards.

Scope of Virtuelle’s penetration testing services


Web and mobile application testing

Applications are a tempting target for hackers, and account for almost half of all data breaches. We use manual and automated methods to assess your business risk, culminating in a comprehensive report with recommendations for improvement.

We ensure your apps are coded securely, and sensitive information is stored safely to guard against leakage and malicious access attempts. Including:

  • Unauthorised access past authentication controls to escalate privileges
  • Introduction of malicious code
  • Manipulation of application functions
  • Defacing or disruption to a website
  • Gaining access to hosting infrastructure

We also offer continuous security testing and SOC-as-a-service to keep you protected around the clock.


Infrastructure testing

Vulnerabilities in your systems can serve as an entry point for unauthorised access to business-critical, highly sensitive data. Our testing covers the full spectrum of your hardware, network and operating environment (internal, perimeter and cloud) to help you gain full visibility of potential threats.

  • Stand-alone testing of specific systems
  • Infrastructure-wide assessments
  • Identify threats
  • Recommendations for mitigation
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Social engineering assessments

Social engineering is rapidly becoming an effective means of gaining access to secure systems and sensitive information. Without requiring any technical expertise, hackers can trick your people into disclosing highly sensitive information that puts your business at financial, reputational and compliance risk.

  • Raise employee awareness
  • Educate on best security practices
  • Phishing and spear phishing campaigns
  • Baiting and tempting users
  • Test physical entry protocols
  • Staff impersonation

Red team exercises

A red team exercise is an all-out attempt to simulate an attack on your organisation by any method available. The goal is to test your organisation’s detection and response capabilities. It often includes internal and external penetration testing techniques, attempts to compromise your organisation’s physical and virtual perimeter and social engineering methods.

During a red team engagement, you don’t give us any information about your organisation. Your people are unaware, and will therefore need to respond as they would to a genuine attack.

Our accreditations

Virtuelle Group continually invests in hiring the most experienced, highly trained teams in the industry. A core part of delivering the best service is our commitment to being fully accredited across all the major standards in IT security. These include:

Why choose Virtuelle for penetration testing?


Visibility of the threats to help you prioritise


Quantify risk to senior executives and partners


Bridge the gap between “identified” and “remediated”


Flexible and timely response to suit the speed of business

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