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Business Telephony & Conferencing

Cloud adoption is skyrocketing. Workplaces are increasingly mobile and flexible. We say it’s time for a unified communications revolution.

Every employee should have access to tools that make communication and collaboration easier. They should be able to make calls, access applications and view personal information in one integrated environment. They shouldn’t have to worry about missing important calls, or selecting the most appropriate communication method for the task at hand.

From instant messaging to telephone conferencing, unified communications supports seamless, cost-effective collaboration. It eliminates phone tag and shifts the focus to what’s important: achieving business objectives.

Our customers often discover that a unified communications solution pays for itself within a year. This is usually the result of:

  • Competitive initial cost
  • Simplified IT administration
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Reduced operational overheads • Improved employee experience and organisational productivity
Virtuelle Group - Hosted PBX Solutions
Cloud PBX Solutions

Every organisation wants to simplify communications. Moving your phone system into the cloud is a great first step. With a Cloud PBX solution from Virtuelle Group, employees can access familiar functionality (i.e. voicemail to email, call recording and call forwarding), with the added convenience of a third party managing upgrades and maintenance. Cloud PBX is also one of the most competitively priced phone systems available, leaving more room in your IT budget for new technologies.

Virtuelle Group - Onpremise PBX Solutions
On-Premise PBX Solutions

For those that need greater control over their phone systems, an on-premise PBX solution is the answer. Our on-premise PBX solutions offer many of the benefits of hosted PBX, such as being able to connect all internal phone lines to a single external phone line. They also provide improved control and flexibility, especially when it comes to customising the system to suit your business needs.

Microsoft Teams with Cloud voice

The next generation of unified communications platforms is here. Microsoft Teams with Cloud voice is an enterprise-grade solution that handles everything from voice calls and video to desktop sharing and instant messaging. And while Microsoft Teams can be used by anyone with an Office 365 licence, we can help you with customisations that make Teams a core part of your business collaboration systems. This includes PTSN integration using Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams with a certified Session Board Controller (SBC) to leverage competitive calls plans.

Virtuelle Group - Call Centre
Call Centre Solutions

For call centre staff to deliver outstanding customer service, they need the right communication tools. These days customers are requesting support from multiple channels (phone, email, instant messaging), so agents need a platform that is responsive and flexible enough to meet demand. Our customised call centre solutions aim to do just that. From helping agents resolve queries in less time to reducing how long customers spend on hold, we can help you to resolve your most significant call centre challenges.

Virtuelle Group - SIP Trunking
SIP Trunking

If you need to connect existing PBX equipment to modern communications networks like VoIP, you may require an SIP trunk. In non-geek language, an SIP trunk is the digital equivalent of a phone line, and lets you make and receive calls via the internet. Talk to us about setting up and configuring your phone system using SIP trunking – we’ve helped countless businesses to do the same.