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As cyber threats become more widespread and intelligent, small to medium enterprises are increasingly at risk.

In addition to compliance requirements surrounding customer data, the risk of having private business data stolen or held ransom carries huge financial, operational and reputational risks.

Unfortunately, cyber security is never “done”. As fast as threat actors and new attack techniques emerge, your business must be well equipped to respond quickly. This is particularly difficult when your internal team is managing everyday IT tasks amid:

  • skills shortages
  • vendor overwhelm
  • changing legislation

Virtuelle offers the breadth and depth of experience you need to free up internal staff, maintain compliance, and mitigate the risk of an attack.

Virtuelle Solutions

Managed Detection and Response

Monitor, detect and respond to threats across your entire ecosystem and endpoints:

Detect advanced threats

We use advanced detection methods and threat intelligence that covers the detection of malicious behaviour and threats on endpoints and networks.

Get ahead of attackers

Our monitoring team will remotely contain user and endpoint threats to stop attackers in their tracks. We provide detailed findings reports and have the remediation expertise to address the root cause of the problem.

Establish and enhance your security program

24/7 monitoring and alerts provide a SOC capability at a predictable operational expense.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

IT and Security leaders agree that compromised endpoints are the primary access points for cybercriminals. Virtuelle’s Managed EDR services provide a cost-effective solution to hardening and monitoring your endpoints.

Our holistic, cloud-delivered endpoint security solution includes:

    • Risk-based vulnerability management and assessment
    • Attack surface reduction
    • Behaviour-based next-generation protection
    • Threat and attack detection and response
    • Automatic investigation and remediation
    • Managed hunting services
    • Unified security management and rich APIs

Vulnerability Management

Simplify security and compliance with an ongoing vulnerability management program covering vulnerability scanning, prioritisation and remediation advice.

Gain control and peace of mind with:

  • Total visibility of vulnerabilities in your applications and network
  • Prioritised to-do lists that you can action immediately
  • Scalable service structure that adapts to changes in your environment
  • Reporting optimised for your environment, threat landscape and compliance requirements
  • Optional remediation and patching services to resolve vulnerabilities efficiently and help you demonstrate continuous improvement to executives

Managed Cloud Security Services

Gain visibility across your cloud apps and maintain security in the cloud with internal and external threat mitigation.

Outsourcing your cloud security management to Virtuelle’s expert team enables you to accelerate digital transformation with innovative security services that stop advanced attacks and data loss.

Virtuelle can also support Zero Trust cloud architecture initiatives that leverage security by design and integrations with leading identity, endpoint, and security products.

Essential 8 Managed Service

The Essential 8 is a set of guidelines developed by the Australian Government. They detail the most important cyber security features and controls needed to protect your organisation.

Virtuelle offers managed services around the Essential 8, starting with a full assessment of your security posture to determine a baseline and maturity level for your organisation to achieve.

Why choose Virtuelle for managed cyber security?


Australian provider with all data stored securely onshore


Depth of experience across identification and remediation


Extensive knowledge of the SME environment and challenges

Business Maturity

Scalable and flexible solution


Validation of incidents and filtering of false positives


Comprehensive executive reporting demonstrating continuous improvement


Intelligence into the cyber threat landscape

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Certified and experienced staff

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