Enterprise Data Architecture Services

Design, build and scale connected data systems to power business analytics, automation and optimisation

Infinite Data Possibilities

Set the right foundations for business growth

You must have scalable and secure foundations to effectively manage the sheer volume of data your business collects, and the varied sources and formats it comes in. The way you arrange data, and how and where you store it, are key business decisions that will have a definite impact on your ability to achieve business goals.

Ask how we can help you build a robust and scalable platform that allows for prompt access to data for rapid decision making, while giving you complete confidence that your data is accurate and reliable.

Our data architecture services

Data warehouse design

Data warehouse design, architecture and development

Get trusted guidance on the design, implementation, migration, and optimisation of your data.

Whether you’re at the start of your data journey, or are responding to business change and emerging requirements, we can help.

Data Integration

Data acquisition and integration

To gain comprehensive insights and answer key business questions, you often have to ingest data from a variety of sources in a range of formats. The volume of data, risk of duplication, security in transit and at rest, and verification of data quality are all essential elements when orchestrating the ingestion process.

Because no two businesses are alike, we always start with an initial “data discovery and mapping” engagement with key stakeholders. This allows us to identify unique business processes and systems so we can provide tailored insights and direct business value.

From there, Virtuelle will partner with you to:

– design and build a high performing data integration solution

– orchestrate the ingestion of data from owned and 3rd party sources

– establish a clean, secure and accurate data pipeline

Master Data Management

Master data management

Master data management is the coordination of data across your business to ensure it is consistent and uniform to enable a single source of truth to be achieved.

Our MDM services promote collaboration between your business units and IT, and empower access to accurate and consistent shared data assets that meet the needs of business users.

Data Management

Modern data architecture

Migrating your business’s data from on-premise to cloud software is not without its challenges – particularly when it comes to restricted access to cloud databases, API calls, and the requirement for data lakes to address these issues.

Virtuelle will help you establish a customised cloud migration plan that considers your data volume and complexity. This includes setting up data lakes and dedicated data marts for certain business units, such as HR or operations.

Data managed services

Looking for ongoing data services?

Outsource the process of turning data into insights and leverage an experienced team to establish and manage data platforms and reports. Our technology-agnostic approach ensures you make the most of your technology investment, and augment internal capability.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Scalable architecture that supports growth

Key benefits of enterprise data architecture services:


Respond to reporting requirements

Uncover deeper business insights, or assess and respond to the impact of business change and emerging reporting requirements. Run queries, compile reports, generate analysis, and retrieve data in a consistent format. 


Meet the needs of various departments

Establish a scalable data platform that decouples data from specific business applications, and provides multi-dimensional insights and a strategic business view for executives and partners.


Achieve real time insights

Get insights from internal and external data sources so you can assess business and cost efficiencies in real time, and identify opportunities to improve.


Reduce the cost of ad hoc and manual data extraction

Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual reporting, with automated reports that can be customised the way you need them.


Achieve alignment on metrics and outcomes

Simplify and speed the process of database design and data mapping to reduce errors and enable collaboration across your organisation.


Tailored to your business

Never over-invest or under-invest in your data initiatives again with services tailored to your unique requirements.

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