Optimising the employee experience through relevant applications and devices


End-User Computing

With the rise of mobile and remote work, corporate IT infrastructure is becoming more flexible. But it’s also increasing in complexity, especially when it comes to device management, identity management and security.

It’s no surprise, then, that end-user computing has changed too.

Gone are the days when end-user computing meant managing desktop PCs and the occasional laptop. Today, its scope has expanded to cover all the essentials for maintaining a productive, efficient and secure workplace – which includes everything from licensing and application services, to safeguarding corporate data on smartphones and tablets.

That’s why, at Virtuelle Group, we believe every organisation should have access to end-user computing solutions that:

  • Provide consistent, seamless user experiences across devices
  • Increase workplace flexibility and agility
  • Give employees the freedom to securely work when and how they want
  • Keep hardware lifecycles and therefore costs in check

With over a decade of experience delivering end-user computing solutions, we understand what’s required to arm your workforce with the right tools for the job.

Virtuelle Group - Application Services
Application Services

Do your employees have access to the applications they need to work productively, regardless of location? Or are they putting your organisation’s security at risk by bypassing IT and downloading apps from elsewhere? We can help your organisation strike a balance between enabling mobility through work-friendly applications, and keeping your data safe. We also offer services including application monitoring, testing, installation, distribution and virtualisation, through industry-leading tools such as Microsoft SCCM, Airwatch and Jamf Pro.

Virtuelle Group - Identity Management
Identity Management

If your organisation is like most, your employees access many different types of applications, from all kinds of devices. And while they often expect authentication to be as simple as logging into Facebook, chances are your legacy identity management infrastructure isn’t up for the job. We can help you overcome these challenges by developing smart identity management solutions – from supporting multiple authentication types, to providing single sign-on and managing role-based permissions across applications.

Virtuelle Group - Mobile Device Management
Mobile Device Management

Whether you issue corporate smartphones and tablets or opt for a bring your own device model, mobile device management is essential for ensuring both security and a consistent user experience across devices. Our mobile device management services – which cover iOS, Windows and Android operating systems – include implementing security policies, updating firmware, identity management and more. We support your team members to work securely from anywhere, on any device.

Virtuelle Group - Asset Management
Asset Management

Get the most value from your IT investments, reduce unnecessary spend and gain increased visibility over both hardware and software assets with a Virtuelle Group asset management solution. We can help you to regain control over your IT assets with asset management services such as asset tracking, lifecycle management, reporting, strategic planning and ensuring compliance with various standards.

Virtuelle Group - Software Licencing
Software Licensing

Software licensing is often associated with confusing pricing structures and administrative hassles. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be this way. We take the mystery out of purchasing, assigning and managing software licences so that you can save time, allocate IT spending to more important projects, and pay only for the software licences that you actually need.

Virtuelle Group - Software Procurement
Software Procurement

Take the headache out of procuring software and make the right choice, the first time. Because cheaper upfront doesn’t always mean cheaper over time, our software procurement approach focuses on finding the best product for your organisation. To make that happen, we provide expert advice, navigate licences and contracts, and support transparent purchasing. You benefit from saving money, simplifying procurement and improving software lifecycles.

Virtuelle Group - Hardware Procurement
Hardware Procurement

Surprise: hardware procurement can be simple. Whether you’re planning an organisation-wide upgrade of corporate equipment, or need guidance on procuring computers and smart devices for new starters, Virtuelle Group makes the process seamless. Leveraging our partnerships with some of the world’s top hardware vendors, including Citrix, Microsoft, Apple, HP, IBM and Cisco, we make sure you make the right purchasing decisions, at an affordable price.