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Cloud consulting services to help you scale your infrastructure

Welcome to Virtuelle Group, your partner for all your cloud service needs. Our cloud services are designed to help businesses of all sizes move to the cloud and achieve the highest levels of performance, availability, security, and scalability. By leveraging the power of the cloud, we help you reduce maintenance costs and scale up to meet the growing demands of your business.

All our cloud services are delivered from secure data centres located in Australia, ensuring that your data is stored and secured in compliance with local data privacy laws.

We believe that SMEs deserve access to quality, secure, and scalable cloud services. That’s why we offer cost-effective cloud solutions that cater to the unique needs of SMEs. Our goal is to make cloud services accessible to everyone, regardless of their size or budget.

When you work with us, you’ll benefit from:

 Data stored in secure Australian data centres

 Access to the latest enterprise technologies

 Local enterprise support

 Flexible cost models

 No capital investment

 Reduced operational overheads

Cloud Services Benefits

Scope of Virtuelle’s Cloud Consulting Services

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Like the idea of the cloud but worried about losing control? With a private cloud from Virtuelle Group your IT environment is completely safe and in your control. Compared to public cloud providers, private and hybrid clouds offer greater protection against cyber threats and third-party access. They are also scalable, offer pay-as-you-go financing and support increased data integrity and preservation.

Consulting Services

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is ideal for organisations that would like to move into the cloud but have additional data privacy and compliance requirements. A hybrid cloud provides the same level of security, reliability and performance as your current infrastructure, with the extra flexibility of the cloud.

Infrastructure As A Service

Infrastructure as a Service

Minimise cost and increase scalability with on-demand, pay-as-you-go access to IT infrastructure. Our IaaS offering makes it simple to self-provision infrastructure like servers, storage and networks. Importantly, IaaS is automated, scalable and completely secure.

Business Colocation

Colocation Services

If you’d like to store data on-premise, but not on-site, a colocation solution (housing your servers and networking equipment in a third-party data centre) is the answer. Virtuelle Group’s colocation solutions offer enhanced physical security and monitoring, as well as greater economies of scale, often at a lower cost than maintaining servers on-site.

Business Continuity Solutions

In a world that demands 24/7 availability, downtime is a luxury many organisations simply cannot afford. Would your organisation be able to keep critical systems running in the event of a natural disaster, cyber attack or simple human error? Through backups and virtualisation, Virtuelle Group’s business continuity solutions ensure that you can pick up where you left off – no matter what obstacle comes your way.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS)

To own or to access, that is the question. Where possible, it’s wise to avoid the heavy cost of ownership that comes with building your own software or locking into long-term licensing agreements. Virtuelle Group offers sage advice on economical software solutions and we can even support your organisation’s growth through our own application marketplace. It’s a directory of on-demand SaaS solutions in areas including ERP, CRM, Office and day-to-day IT management.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Leverage the power and flexibility of the world’s most trusted cloud: Microsoft Azure. Used by 90 per cent of Fortune 500 businesses, Azure is your gateway to unlocking productivity gains and driving employee engagement. Start your cloud journey on the right foot by engaging Virtuelle Group to handle everything from Azure implementation, architecture and integration to security and governance.

Microsoft office Services

Microsoft Office

Office 365 is the smarter way to use the familiar Microsoft applications that your employees know and love. As a Microsoft partner, Virtuelle Group can help you select the right Office 365 plan, giving your staff access to cloud-based email, calendars and document sharing and collaboration tools. Best of all, Office 365 gives your staff access to the latest versions of Microsoft Office, all the time. There’s no need to struggle with upgrades or work with outdated products.

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