Direction and insights for tricky business and technology challenges


Advisory & Consulting

Your technical infrastructure is the lifeblood of your business. When it’s working well, it gives employees the tools they need to add value. It provides insights that influence business decisions and protects valuable corporate information from falling into the wrong hands.

As with any complex system, however, maintaining high performance requires expert input. There’s no such thing as set-and-forget in corporate IT – especially in today’s fast-changing business landscape.

Virtuelle Group bridges the gap between what your internal IT team is capable of achieving with limited resources (on top of their day-to-day tasks) and what needs to happen to keep systems healthy.

Our multi-disciplinary consultants combine real-world experience and astute technology know-how. They have a knack for analysing environments and identifying strategic innovations to optimise performance.

Virtuelle Group - Review Analysis
Review & Analysis

Is your organisation’s IT infrastructure ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow? Find out with a comprehensive strategic review by Virtuelle Group’s experienced team. Diving as deep as necessary, we will assess your environment’s strengths and weaknesses and provide actionable recommendations that support your strategy. You’ll have a better understanding of what’s working, how you can improve and what is required to future-proof your IT operations.

Virtuelle Group - IT Strategy
IT Strategy

The adage “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” endures for a reason. Without a strategy, it’s difficult to prioritise your team’s efforts, create realistic budgets and adequately prepare for change. But when it comes to finding the best strategic approach, what worked for your competitors might not work for you. That’s why Virtuelle Group’s IT strategies are different for every client. We work to understand your business requirements and define your future IT direction based on what’s unique about your organisation.

Virtuelle Group - Enterprise Architecture

At its core, enterprise architecture influences how your organisation operates and delivers value. So it’s worth getting right. Whether you are implementing new technologies or want to get the most from existing investments, Virtuelle Group defines and shapes enterprise architecture to match. We combine proven methodologies, consulting expertise and partnerships with leading vendors to deliver complete enterprise architecture solutions. We take care of education, design, integration and monitoring, too.

Virtuelle Group - Business Transformation

From navigating digital transformation to dealing with emerging technologies like the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, it’s an unusual time to be at the helm of an organisation’s IT department. Those that cannot adapt risk their organisations being left behind. To succeed, organisations must transition from the present into the rapidly-approaching future. The good news? Virtuelle Group makes this change simple. Our cohesive, actionable business transformation strategies help organisations become more resilient and competitive.

Virtuelle Group - Project Management
Project & Program Management

For many organisations, the pressure to deliver projects that add value has never been greater. As budgets shrink while IT demands increase, smart project and program management is vital for improving operational efficiency, controlling costs and maintaining a competitive advantage. Virtuelle Group’s skilled project and program managers can help you set up projects and programs, ensure on time and on budget delivery, identify and mitigate risk, and evaluate outcomes to support continuous improvement.

Virtuelle Group - Security

In industries like financial services and utilities, serious cyber attacks can cost millions of dollars. Criminals are getting smarter, and the cost of dealing with attacks is accelerating. So how can you protect your organisation’s physical and digital assets, while ensuring that employees can still work efficiently? It’s simple: Trust Virtuelle Group with your security needs. From advising on threat detection and management best practices to responding to an attack, we tailor our security consulting services to meet your needs.

Virtuelle Group - Governance Risk Compliance
Governance, Risk, Compliance

While it may be the norm in many organisations, governance, risk and compliance (GRC) activities should not be reactive. When managed in the right way, they become powerful tools for anticipating risk, strengthening compliance and even driving business performance. With extensive experience across industries, Virtuelle Group’s GRC consultants can enhance your governance, risk and compliance activities and ensure they align with core business objectives.