Cyber Security Risk Assessments

Understand your organisation’s cyber risk and get actionable steps for improving your cyber security maturity.

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Cyber Security Risk Assessment Services

What is a cyber security risk assessment?

A cyber security assessment helps stakeholders and IT teams understand cyber risk and make informed decisions on how and where to prioritise security controls.

Virtuelle’s approach considers your compliance requirements, risk profile, and business goals to ensure a tailored approach that includes:

  • An audit against frameworks such as Essential 8, ISO 27001 and NIST to identify security gaps
  • An overview of current and emerging threats relevant to your industry
  • An assessment of your governance and technical controls
  • An evaluation of your cyber security maturity

A cyber security risk assessment takes‘chance’ out of your security initiatives, keeps your executives informed, your security budget in-check and removes the need to micromanage spot-fires. A cyber security risk assessment could be the best security investment you make.

Gain valuable insights with comprehensive reporting

At the completion of an assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report that includes:

   An executive-focused summary with actionable steps for the IT team

   An overview of your high-value assets and how to protect them

   The maturity scoring of your organisation’s cyber security controls

   An overview of gaps with prioritised remediation roadmap

   Benchmarking against NIST, ISO2 27001 or Essential 8

   Guidelines for data breach legislative requirements

   Cyber security policy templates to get you started

Cyber Security Risk Assessment Reporting

Stay ahead with real-time updates

No one likes surprises when it comes to cyber security. That is why we will keep you updated in real-time, notifying you of any critical findings that need immediate attention.

We are dedicated to your success and will take the time to understand your reporting requirements, aligning the final deliverable with your expectations and desired goals. We will also provide expert support in communicating complex technical material to executives, ensuring a successful initiative for your organisation and team.

Why choose Virtuelle for a cyber security risk assessment?


Certified and experienced team focused on customer success


Depth of experience across identification and remediation


Extensive knowledge of the challenges of medium and large enterprises

Business Maturity

Assessment against Australian Essential 8, ISO 27001, NIST and CIS security controls


Intelligence into the cyber threat landscape


Comprehensive executive reporting tailored to your requirements

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