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Creating the most secure and effective pathways for your data

Network Services Overview

Network Services Overview

Every successful business requires a high-performing network that goes beyond switches, cabling and routers. Your network is crucial in protecting your data, managing costs, minimising downtime, fostering innovation and enabling quick deployment of new business applications and services.

Is your network equipped to handle all these challenges? With Virtuelle Group managing the design, implementation and support of core networking technologies, including internet solutions and managed network devices, you can be sure that your systems are functioning at their best.

When you work with us, you’ll benefit from:

  Deep understanding and experience of networks across industries

  Custom solutions that solve real business problems

  Proven approach which supports digital transformation

  Local enterprise support

  Flexible cost models

  Reduced operational overheads

Virtuelle IT Network Team

Scope of Virtuelle’s Network Services

Private IP

Private IP

For organisations seeking secure, reliable and fast internet and file-sharing access across locations, a private IP network by Virtuelle Group is a safe choice. Built on industry-leading MPLS technologies, our scalable private IP network solutions combine functionality, performance and security. Employees have the freedom to work efficiently and effectively, while the business benefits from on-demand support, uptime guarantees and a fixed monthly fee that makes budgeting easier.

Business Internet

Business Internet

Don’t let sluggish internet speeds hamper productivity and drive employees crazy. Whether you’re on the NBN, ethernet or ADSL, sending large files and documents should be fast and hassle-free. Video conferencing should be seamless, without pixelated images or calls dropping out. And users should spend more time using online tools than waiting for them to load. That’s why we offer a range of reliable business internet solutions to suit organisations of all types. Whatever your internet woes, we have the experience and solutions to overcome them.

Azure Express Route

Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365

Connect your organisation’s Microsoft cloud services privately and securely with Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365. Not only is it the stress-free way to integrate your existing IT environment with Microsoft Azure and Office 365, but it’s also faster, more reliable and more secure than connecting directly via the internet. With Virtuelle Group and Azure ExpressRoute you can extend your networks into the cloud over a private connection – ideal for any organisation that demands both high performance and security.

Managed Wifi

Managed Wi-Fi

Employees don’t just expect simple and fast internet connectivity these days – they demand it. To attract star performers and unlock productivity, a robust, scalable Wi-Fi network is essential. Our managed Wi-Fi network solutions keep your wireless internet performing at the top of its game. We handle everything from design and installation to security and support, freeing up your IT resources for higher value tasks.

Network Security

Network Security

As networks become more complex, so too does network security. This is especially true in today’s era, characterised by Virtualisation, IoT-enabled devices, Artificial Intelligence and evolving cyber attacks. Instead of lying awake at night wondering if your networks are protected (and calculating the cost of unplanned downtime), talk to us. We’ll optimise your network security to minimise the risk and severity of attacks, and proactively identify and address threats before they become a problem.

Managed Network Devices

Managed Network Devices

Are your firewalls, switches and routers operating optimally? Do your IT staff have spare time to commit to necessary installations, upgrades, patches, monitoring and maintenance? If you answered no, or you’re unsure, chances are we can help. Our managed network device services take the headaches out of managing network devices, often for a lower cost than hiring a dedicated resource for the job.

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