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Cyber Security & Data Protection

Hackers will stop at nothing to infiltrate staff inboxes. Businesses of all sizes need a powerful email security system to protect their data, uphold public trust and stop the theft of millions of dollars.

A single email can cause a lot of damage…

Cyber attacks are on the rise and email is mostly to blame. Hackers have become better at installing trojans, phishing attacks and malware that can destroy companies by exposing data and draining funds. Online criminals lurk in organisations for months before they’re found – accessing financial statements, intellectual property, customer data and other sensitive information.

This is alarming, no?

All it takes is for one employee to open the wrong attachment in their inbox, or click on a dodgy link masquerading as a legitimate source and, boom, just like that, intruders are inside your virtual walls and staff are pointing fingers at each other. “Ninety per cent of cyber attacks worldwide begin with an email. Most organisations don’t really look at their email security that carefully,” an industry professional told the ABC. Not only have hackers found new ways to go undetected, the tendency for staff to access their email through mobile devices has made their job even easier.

What is email security?

This covers all of the methods used to guard sensitive information in email exchanges, ranging from individual action (strong passwords) to systematic protection (company software). Is it enough to make sure that every staff member uses a strong password and two-factor authentication? No.

It helps, but stronger action is required. You walk on dangerous ground if individual responsibility is your only armour. “Every company has at least one employee who will click on anything. That’s pretty hard to protect,” said Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft. Your company must take a systematic approach that reduces the margin for human error.

Virtuelle Group - Email Security

How does email protection software guard your business?

A powerful system shields linked accounts at all times, significantly lowering the risk of cyber attacks because it’s difficult to breach.

The best corporate email security systems work by:

  • Detecting, quarantining and blocking malicious content
  • Conducting multiple levels of filtering
  • Securing confidential exchanges through encryption
  • Protecting against new sophisticated attacks in real time
  • Blocking emails that go against company policy

Important features to look out for:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Supports phones, tablets and other attached devices
  • Ongoing software upgrades with no downtime to your business
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure
  • Local support
  • Meets the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

Let us help you to banish hackers from your inbox…

It’s normal to feel helpless in the face of hackers who use advanced techniques to get their hands on sensitive data. After all, cyber security breaches cost Australian businesses up to $29 billion a year. It’s shocking that entire companies can be shattered by deceptively harmless email messages. We want to stop this from happening to you. Virtuelle Group protects the data and reputation of more than 100 commercial and government organisations.

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Our promise to you:

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Stop feeling anxious every time you open a message from an unknown sender. It’s possible to run your business with the confidence that your barriers can’t be broken.