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Cyber Security & Data Protection

Chaos often arises when staff give hackers access to data through actions that seem harmless. It can cost businesses their reputation and millions of dollars. Security awareness training can avert such disaster, by showing employees how to keep sensitive information out of dangerous hands.

It’s a brave new world out there …

More businesses are falling prey to cyber attacks, as intruders find new ways to sneak into security systems that managers put a lot of money into. Security protection software is designed to shield an organisation from people who steal data.

Unfortunately, the best efforts can be compromised when staff accidently grant access to hackers when working from the office or remotely. It’s a common occurrence, since employees are the easiest targets. It could happen to the best of your team, or even to you.

And the results? Potentially catastrophic.

A study commissioned by Microsoft shows that seven out of ten organisations experienced job losses as a result of cyber security attacks in 2018. Business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan surveyed more than 1300 mid to large-sized organisations to get these results.

This spells disaster – especially when investors and consumers lose faith in your ability to protect their sensitive data.

No employee should have to carry this burden after triggering a cyber attack by clicking on a phishing link or opening malware attachments that pass on personal details. Imagine the guilt you would feel as a manager, if you could have stopped this by teaching your people about simple protective steps?

This is why companies need to combine their defensive software with security awareness training for employees.

Both elements go hand in hand.

Virtuelle Group - Security Awarenes Training

What is cyber security awareness training for employees?

Security awareness training teaches employees how to safely navigate the internet when working in the office and remotely.

They learn about the procedures that shield their content from external forces, including how to avoid traps and who to contact if they identify a threat. The best awareness programs are customised to cater to the different roles in your workplace.

Staff often complete the training feeling safe in the knowledge that their online activities won’t trigger an ambush. Regular sessions are recommended for organisations that have high turnover or routinely use contractors.

In-person training delivered by Virtuelle Group covers:

  • Phishing Safety
  • Password Management
  • VPN Security
  • Being Secure Online
  • Safe Funds Transfer
  • Mobile App Security
  • SmiShing Threats
  • Information Security
  • IOT Device Security
  • Email Security
  • Social Engineering
  • Reused Passwords
  • Ransomware
  • Secure Business Emails
  • Smart Social Media Use
  • Using Public Wi-Fi
  • Identity Theft Issues
  • Safe Remote Working

Our approach is tailored and comprehensive. We also regularly test your strategies and check user compliance.

Stop worrying about what your staff do online – we show them how to be safe:

It’s horrible when companies invest in cyber security only to see it go to waste as a result of innocent mistakes. We understand how difficult it is for managers to monitor the online activity of staff to make sure this doesn’t happen.

After all, you can’t be everywhere at once. Virtuelle Group has taught employees from more than 100 organisations to fly under the radar of online criminals. This allows their managers to sit back and stop putting people on edge.

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Our promise to you:

  • Risk scoring
  • Local support, 24/7
  • One point of contact
  • Experienced, respectful and highly trained consultants
  • We take the time to understand your business and the wider market

We’d love to help you preserve the reputation of your business by empowering your team to make sensible decisions online.