Security Essentials

Cyber Security & Data Protection

Hackers have developed cunning techniques to exploit weak spots in private systems and cause permanent damage. The solution? A complete package that covers ALL the security essentials to protect your business from every angle.

A few security programs will no longer keep you safe…

Once upon a time, this was all you needed to hide your company data from prying eyes.

What changed?

Intruders have become better at accessing information they have no right to, thanks to rapidly evolving technology. On top of this, the popularity of remote workplaces helps them to breach defence systems through vulnerable devices, like smartphones.

The outcome?

Enterprises falling apart as they lose their intellectual property, competitive edge and vital funds. Cyber attacks cost businesses about $29 billion a year in Australia alone. Not to mention the trust of their consumers or constituents!

The dangers are enormous. Managers can no longer afford to rely on isolated security strategies if they want to safeguard their data. A broad security approach is needed to make sure there are no flaws that could be abused. It’s important that you cover all of the security essentials for the ultimate peace of mind.

Virtuelle Group - Security Essentials

What are the security essentials that provide widespread protection?

Virtuelle Group - Asset Discovery
Asset Discovery

Many businesses have expanded their network to support cloud communication and external devices, such as smartphones and laptops. Unfortunately this heightens security risks, as it’s difficult for IT teams to supervise all assets. Hackers take advantage of this, hiding their malicious activity in multiple blind spots.

The solution? Asset Discovery creates an inventory of all attached devices, whether they’re authorised or not. This enables companies to monitor and block people who shouldn’t have access.

Virtuelle Group - Vulnerability Assessment
Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessments find the defects in your computer network and infrastructure. Automated testing tools run in the background to alert staff about fragile defence systems that could be shattered by a hacker. This tool also advises the organisation about the best course of action to mitigate threats.

Virtuelle Group - Intrusion Detection
Intrusion Detection

This software raises a red flag on unusual activity before serious damage occurs. It carefully monitors inbound and outbound traffic from all devices, as well as unexpected activity running on your bandwidth, ports and entire network.

Virtuelle Group - Behavioural Monitoring
Behavioural Monitoring

Behavioural monitoring identifies and reports unusual activity by using data analysis to establish common patterns. This can stop online criminals in their tracks by putting a spotlight on malicious actions that might be missed by other security measures.

Virtuelle Group - SIEM Log Management
SIEM & Log Management

This software collects and analyses all of the log data that’s created by other programs in your system. The goal is to deliver reports on incidents that threaten security and notify staff if potential issues arise. It operates in real-time, which enables the prevention of attacks as they unfold.

Virtuelle Group can reinforce the weak spots in your security system…

We hate to see managers invest in costly security programs, believing this is enough, only to panic when they falter under ambush. In actual fact they need a systematic approach that monitors every aspect of their IT network. More than 100 commercial and government organisations benefit from our robust approach that leaves nothing to chance.

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Learning about the security essentials will help you to sleep better, knowing you’re doing everything you can to protect your company.