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Utilising unified communications (UC) affords workers the benefit of integrating communications, applications and personal information into one seamless environment, taking the headache out of not only finding the right communication method, but missing important communications as well.

“Untangle communication complexity with Virtuelle’s brilliantly simple solution”

Virtuelle has partnered with ShoreTel to provide UC capabilities—including rich media, advanced mobility, and presence features—simplify communication, enabling on-site and remote users alike to see who is available. And to choose how best to reach them. Colleagues are able to reach each other through a consistent unified interface that frees them to choose the most appropriate means of communication and collaboration, eliminating phone tag, and putting the focus on the real business at hand.


  • Hosted or On-Premise Solution - distributed flexible architecture
  • Mobility Solution - extended full featured UC onto smartphones & tablets
  • Softphone - intuitive interface bringing together telephony, call control, IM, video, visual voicemail & other collaboration services
  • Application integration - seamlessly integrates into familiar tools such as Microsoft Outlook and many third party CRM applications
  • Instant Messaging  - contact people in remote locations, have sidebar conversations during calls, several people chat sessions
  • Call Control / Presence - advanced call control & handling modes, telephony & IM presence
  • Audio, Video & Web conferencing - collaborate and initiate conferences via audio, video or web
  • Enterprise Contact Center – advanced multimedia call center solutions for all organisations


  • Freedom of flexibility and control
  • Freedom of simplicity
  • Freedom of agile and productive workforce
  • A uniquely effective and purpose-built, distributed architecture
  • Reliability is built in, designed for five-nines availability
  • Easy on IT resources: saves money and time
  • Transform your call center into a revenue center

Costs less to start, and less to maintain

Just as ShoreTel helps to reduce the complexity burdens on IT resources, it can also take pressure off the IT budget. ShoreTel’s competitive initial cost is complemented over the long term by an unusually low total cost of ownership and a rapid return on investment. Switching to a ShoreTel UC system tends to cost less than keeping an existing TDM system, and available financing options help make deployment even more affordable. Many customers find that their ShoreTel UC solution pays for itself in a year.


The world of work is evolving rapidly. A steady convergence of innovations – from the Internet, to smartphones and tablets, to the cloud – has yielded a workplace no longer confined to an office, and the hours of nine to five. With the falling away of traditional constraints come great opportunities; the business that can harness the full potential of this dynamic environment stands to reap huge rewards.

Virtuelle is unique in the way it addresses the complexities of the evolving workplace. By addressing the needs of the entire organization – knowledge workers, IT pros, and management alike – Virtuelle tackles the issues others shrug off. With our ShoreTel UC solution, workers enjoy the freedom and self-reliance to take control, to access data and resources at will, and to create a unique work rhythm that generates real results.

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Virtuelle’s UC solutions deliver a brilliantly simple user experience. And with that, organisations enjoy a very pleasant surprise: accomplishing more than they ever imagined they could.

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